Here is a list of the top 5 photos of the Machail valley


1) This is a temple of Divine Chandi Mata located in Tehsil Machail Paddar of District Kishtwar
2) View of the Mighty Bhot Nala, on the way to Machail Paddar. Roar of this water can send chill down the spine.
3) This is a place you can find on your way to Machail Paddar. Name of this beautiful place is Chaotu, near Chishoti Paddar.
4) This charming place is located in the Machail Tehsil. Old helipads still exist in the area. Full of flowers and other exotic things it offers you a very scintillating spectacle.
Ligri Village-Abode of Sheetla Mata, this is a wonderful place in Machail Valley of Paddar Tehsil.


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  1. Nice pics and information but it would have been better if you kept caption size smaller and Photo size bigger.!


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