Latest book on Paddar that has been written by some of the enthusiastic youngsters of Paddar was launched at K.L.Saigal Hall, Jammu few days ago. It is their small attempt dedicated to the people who want to know about Paddar. In this book they have covered spectrum of issues regarding History and Culture of Paddar. I hope this attempt will fine tune with the readers and researchers who are keen about the region.

Paddar Book Name:

Name of the Book is Historical and Cultural Odyssey of Paddar.

Writers of book on Paddar?

It is a multi authored book.

Here is an interview with Ashish Kohli, JK Media:

What is there in the Book on Paddar?

Though much has not been written about Paddar and its various dimensions have remained unexplored. The entire topics made part of this book needed much of research and ground visits. A lot of efforts have been put in by our writers and researchers to give this book its present form.

Through this initiative we are contemplating to gather and contextualize the etymological information received from our forefathers via senior members of our society and this book is a result of that effort.

Paddar, being the entry gate of mighty Chandra Bhaaga in the geographical territory of   Jammu and Kashmir, has been in vogue at different epoch of history for one reason or the other and bears the imprint of various historical events down the years. But, travesty of the time is that there is no documentary account of any sort is written.

Through this edition book we have tried to provoke the intellectual quotient of historian, archeologist, anthro-po-geographer and social enthusiast via various accounts such as “History of Paddar needs some protein”, “Infiniteness of Paddri dialect” etc. we envisage sincere efforts from concerned agencies in this direction which will help us find out various underlying quest and queries.

Paddar has now attained significant position in terms of pilgrimage tourism. There are as many as 8 to 10 annual Yatra (or religious procession) performed by thousands of devotees coming from all across the country. This book also contain fair amount of information about these Yatras and it will definitely prove helpful to the pilgrims and devotees.

Religion and rituals have always been the influencing force behind the cultural matrix of our society so is the Budhism which is followed by a significant proportion of Population in Paddar. Many Buddhist religious figure and leaders have paid their visit in Paddar and spreaded the message of peace and incorporation of spirit of non-violence and compassion towards all the creation of God. This book also contains articles like “Historic Visit of His Holiness 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, the spiritual Head of Drukpa lineage to Paddar valley” and “an ethnographical investigation of Buddhism in Paddar” which will help reader to explore more intricacies of our composite culture.

We enjoy the pride and privilege in exploring the Paddar; its culture and customs, its language and dialects, its history and heritages and much which is in store for us to work on and rightly so, for we love the soil.

The book Paddar is in its present form as a result of the valuable contribution from our co-authors whose articles have opened the gates of intellectual in flows. Their latent intellects in this initiative have unleashed a new era of literary campaign in the geographical remotest and politically most neglected region of Jammu province of Jammu and Kashmir.

If you want to purchase this book please drop a comment or call us on 9469562959.



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