With a vast population of about 30,000 inhabitants, Paddar is giving a good fight to Coronavirus. On the one hand where lakhs of people have succumbed to this deadly disease across the world and many are putting their hands up with time, Paddar, a small subdivision of District Kishtwar is leaving no stone unturned in saving its population from the infection. We are fortunate enough that our entire District has not reported any active case till now but we can’t sit cross-legged and be complacent about it, as the situation of mayhem that this virus can expose us to is uncontrollable . Therefore decent implementation of all the essential measures and precautions are vital at this point of time to contain the infection. As a matter of fact Paddar Administration is playing a leading role in this battle. It has put in place effectively all the necessary protocols and people of Paddar are satisfied with these. Apart from that there are many other NGO’s and Associations in Paddar which are proving to be a catalyst in this process. Today we shall discuss at length the role of all such parties in this blog here. But before we do that it is important that we discuss the role of Paddar Administration first.

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Paddar Administration:

There is a battalion of good and talented officers in Paddar administration. From Police to Electricity, Health to Education, every department is fully equipped with such officers and are whole-heartedly addressing the grievances of people. Recently an online page was opened on Facebook by the administration of Paddar which is expediting the process of social connection and catering to the basic demands of people at this crucial time of pandemic.

Official Facebook Page, Paddar Administration

Multitude of FIRs have been lodged against the law breakers. Many Quarantine centres have been developed in advance to tackle the challenge.

Here is a list of some of our officers who are doing a wonderful job in Paddar:

  • Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM)-Sh. Varunjeet Charak
  • Station House Officer(SHO)- Sh. Sohan Singh Bandral
  • Tehsil Dar- Sh. Major Singh
  • Block Development Officer (BDO)-Sh. Gurdev Singh
  • Block Medical Officer (BMO)-Sh. Raj Kumar Sharma
  • Zonal Education Officer (ZEO)-Sh. Om Prakash Chauhan

Along with these dynamic officers there are also many other energetic staff members working under respective departments who are giving their best for the betterment of sub-division. All the Departments are working in collaboration with each other and people of Paddar are thankful to all these warriors who are toiling day in and day out to get us through this pandemic.

NGOs and Associations in Paddar.

At this time of Pandemic there are some social groups in Paddar who are helping the administration, by reaching to the masses and providing social and financial support to the needy ones. Here is a list of some of them who are given permission by the Administration of Paddar:

  • ·        All Paddar Buddhist Youth Association (APBYA)
  • ·        SEWA BHARTI and
  • ·        UMEED group Paddar.

We shall discuss about all of them one by one.

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All Paddar Buddhist Youth Association (APBYA) is an independent non-profit organisation. It is an association registered under J&K Societies’ Registration Act. Since its inception it has played a tremendous role in the educational and cultural development of Paddar. This association gets its funding in the form of charities and donations from local community and others. Currently Tsey Ring Dorjee is the President of this association. You can also help Paddar by providing monetry funds to this unique association.

This picture speaks of the work done by this association

Nowadays this association is helping Paddar administration in containing the spread of COVID-19 by sending volunteers. One can clearly find them sanitizing doors and distributing free rations in different villages. Here is a picture:

APBYA Volunteers

Other than that they are also giving their best to bring people of Paddar back who are stranded in other regions of the country. Here is an example:

Letter sent to the Governer of Ladakh.


Founded in 1979, Sewa Bharti is an official community service umbrella of allied organisations inspired from the nationalist organisation Rashtriya Sawamsevak Sangh (RSS).The Akhil Bhartiya Saha Seva Pramukh of the RSS guides this Non-governmental organisation (NGO).  RSS Sarsanghachalak Sh.Balasaheb Deoras was the founding father of this organisation. This NGO is working for the economically weaker sections of the Indian Society. Today it runs about 1,60,000 activities throughout the year in 602 Districts.

Paddar-A Geo-Strategic Option For India

People of Paddar have also opened Bank account of Sewa Bharti at Paddar after strenuous efforts in these hours of pandemic. Now funds are being collected from the people in Paddar. Its money will also be used in providing free ration and clothes to the needy people who are affected during this crisis. Members of Sewa Bharti Paddar has sprung into action. Recently they provided ration to the needy people of Sazar Paddar. Now it is the turn of other affected people of different villages. If you also want to contribute, here are the details of their bank account. You can transfer your money online.

Sewa Bharti Account No. And IFSC Code.


UMEED is also a recognized group. It is also doing a phenomenal job in this direction by providing free ration to people. Recently this has also been given permission by the Paddar administration. This organisation comes under RDD Department. Local members of different villages from the length and breadth of Paddar has come together to form this group. This is also getting funds from the locals.

Saga of other associations in Paddar:

Along with these three associations which have been permitted by the administration there are multitude of other associations and groups in Paddar. Some of them are registered while some are just confined to social media only. Of what use will be those tall claims of social development if they cannot even get permission at the time of crucial hours. Therefore to qualify for even social work at such grave times it becomes imperative that they should have their organization registered first. Founders of such social media associations must understand this simple truth that without proper registration and monetary support they can’t revitalize their groups and make them kicking.

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Apart from these associations, NGOs can play a transforming role in the development of Paddar. Forget Corona Pandemic for a moment we can also address many other social needs in Paddar. From Cultural Development to the progress of Education and from Skill Development to the advancement of Tourism Industry in Paddar we can cater to every issue if in case we succeed in running an NGO effectively. We can get funding for that from various Govt. Departments and this also needed to be kept in mind that Govt. is interested in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for many such enterprises.

Last words:

At this time of Pandemic there are as much as 1500 people from the sub-division who are stranded outside. As of such there hasn’t issued any Govt. order which can permit there movement to the Paddar. Therefore it is important that they stay calm and follow the guidelines properly. It is hopeful that MHA issues an order which can facilitate their movement soon.

At the end I would like to put a very simple fact before you that we all have to walk shoulder to shoulder with each other in this hour of need if want to curb this challenge together. Have faith in administration and help the needy if you want, through various associations and organizations mentioned above. Let us do what that is important and not that is easy and redundant by taking lessons from such circumstances.

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