Yoga in the remote corner of J&K, Paddar

A person can be happy only if he is physically, mentally and socially fit. If we are mentally and physically fit, good and optimistic thoughts will automatically cross our minds which in turn would be transmuted into good deeds with courage. In order to do so there must be a source, a mechanism or technique which may help us stay up and running. For physical fitness many people do pilates, swimming, aerobics, go to the gym and what not but these only tend to help us in maintaining good physique but if we want fitness in all aspects viz. physically, emotionally, mentally we must practice Yoga.

Yoga can strengthen our health-set, mind-set, soul-set and heart-set.

Where Yoga Originated?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means union. Union actually refers to the union of our body and soul. Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga was evolved thousands of years ago in India and we Indians are practicing it since its inception. Not only in India but around the world approximately two billion people are practicing Yoga nowadays. It originated in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago. According to Sadguru Yogic science was the gift given by Lord Shiva first thousands of years ago. That is why Lord Shiva is also known by the name Adiyogi, the first Yogi. One can find mention of Yoga in many Hindu scriptures.

When Yoga Day is celebrated?

Yoga reached its peak of glory when the United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as Yoga day. It has been celebrated on 21st of June every year since 2015. This year we are celebrating 6th International Yoga Divas. Human beings are made up of three components—body, mind and consciousness and corresponding to these there are three needs—physical health, knowledge and peacefulness respectively. Health is a physical need, knowledge is psychological and inner peace is our spiritual need. When all there are synchronized there is harmony and bliss.

Why Yoga is good?

Yoga is actually a skill in action. Yoga essentially means “that which brings you to reality”.

If we look at the benefits of yoga, they are countless. It improves physical fitness, controls stress, general well-being, mental clarity and greater self-understanding. People of all ages can do yoga and it can also be adapted by people with disabilities or special needs. The asanas (postures) enhance muscle flexibility, strength, coordination. It also helps in keeping our body fit. Yoga can control cholesterol levels, reduce weight, normalize blood pressure and improve cardiovascular performance. Moreover it also helps us in connecting with nature. Furthermore, our body becomes more flexible with consistent practice of Yogic postures. It also helps us develop a great sense of self-discipline and self-awareness. In short we can say that Yoga improves our all well-being and gives us better mental clarity. Thus we can say that Yoga is a way of living a happy and blissful life. We all must make Yoga an important part of our day to day life if we want to stay as fit as fiddle.

Yoga in the jungles of Paddar- 2020

Yoga in Paddar

With the advent of television and social media now Yoga has reached every corner of our country. Yoga can bring transformation in Paddar. Most of the people of Paddar are now aware of its benefits. It is true that Yoga remained hidden from the people of Paddar for a long time. Even today there are people in Paddar who know nothing about Yoga. It is not because our region had remained backward and cut-off from the rest of the country rather it was our indifferent attitude towards our history and legends which contracted our consciousness.

People performing Yoga at Atholi Paddar:
Yoga at Atholi Paddar, 2020. Image: Bhim Singh

Our legends tell us that Saunsar Nag (Tatta Pani) was a great Yogi and he used his Yogic Powers in the past to give this land of Paddar boon of hot water springs. He left his home early in his childhood and went into the Himalayas for seeking truth. When he returned after a long time, he gained good knowledge of Yoga. Saunsar Nag (Yogis attract Nagas like Lord Shiva) dissolved himself later on into a piece of stone which is still revered at Tatta Pani Paddar. Hot springs in Paddar are his gifts to the region. Saunsar Nag was a Yogi. He attracted Nags with his divine powers.

Here is a latest picture from Gulabgarh Paddar:
Yoga at Gulabgarh; Image: Ram Parkash

Today whole world is practicing Yoga and we at Paddar should also assimilate it in our daily lives. Youth of Paddar is serious towards Yoga. Now it is performed in almost all the Panchayats of Paddar. It is a step in good direction.

It is a good thing to know that since its inception in 2015, Paddar is also celebrating Yoga every year on the International Yoga Day that is on 21st of June. This year too people of Paddar showed great enthusiasm and performed yoga in their respective Panchayats.

Here is a latest picture from Garh Paddar:
Yoga at Garh Paddar, 2020 : Image: Arjun Rana

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COVID-19 and Yoga.

This world is facing a grave challenge of Coronavirus these days and we all know that that no effective vaccine has been developed so far. People with good immunity can overcome this virus very easily. Therefore we all must strive to boost our immunity. Yoga is a natural way by which we can strengthen our body and immune system. Moreover it also helps us in controlling stress which is common nowadays owing to the rapid spread of this infectious disease.

How yoga works

Yoga can do wonders in life if practiced daily. Our body is like a dish Anteena. You are well aware of the role it plays and the way it operates. It works only when we position it in some specific directions. In a similar fashion our human body is also programmed which connects to the Universe and gain energy profusely only when we position our body in some specific ways. These ways or postures are called Asanas.

If we practice these Yogic postures daily we can download the cosmos within our body.

Yoga at Karthie Paddar -2020

 Yoga versus Pilates

All Exercises are good but Yoga is not only an exercise. There are people who equate Yoga with exercise which is not true. Yoga is far beyond that. It is a broad concept of which exercises are only a small part.

Yoga refers to a union and not an idea or some simple exercise. It is a way which brings us to the reality. It is a path which human beings can undertake to know themselves. And those who know themselves know God.

In other words one can say that it is a way through which we can connect with the divine energy which is in all of us and which has created this world.

 Authors: Ajay Singh Shan & Ashish Chouhan



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