O Nature! You Never ever betray us!

You never ever betray those who are connected with roots.

I have seen tall trees towering so high,

urging us to say “Hai”.

I heard the reverberations of Chenab reaching sky,

making everyone’s soul peacefully fly.


Poet: Durgesh Kumar Thakur

I sensed that whenever the wounds surfaced towards the brim of my feel,

your soil sprinkled on it helped it heal.

I smelled oceans,

rivers, seas and mountains,

everything was drenched with the intangible gains,

cutting loose from the world of undying pains.

I envision the layers of bliss floating through the cosmos,

creating breathtaking view to engross.

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I feel your respect, when early dew drops touches the feet,

fighting for us against the scorching heat.

I love your Sun, Moon, & Twinkling Stars,

whenever I feel stressed just see this divinity across every spark.

I wish to spend the countless lives with u till I am again wholesome,

beseeching the universe to glorify u with a shimmering diadem.

I feel bewitched by your eternal glory,

come to me someday so that we can recite our entire story.
:- Durgesh Kumar.



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