I composed this poem 4 years ago, in 2018 A.D. I believe this poem still finds tune in our hearts and will do so eternally. Here is my Anthem for Paddar. Tell me what thoughts cross your mind after reading this. This truly should be an anthem, isn’t it?

“Anthem of Paddar”

Paddar is our holy book,
We are its sacred pages.
Each of its corner and nook
Is designed by our holy sages.

Its Words are our action
And meaning our sweat.
Headings our passion
and Passages our act.

Its every fullstop is mark
Of birth of a new line.
And every figure of speech is spark
Of dazzling taste of a new wine.

Coverpage is outer beauty
And stylish fonts inside are our inner lime
Which, by the spark of their duty
Are adorning our both worlds with time.

It started with a thought
Of the meadow on the other side.
Now it is our part
To get ready for the next ride.




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