About Us

A team brimmed with enthusiasm and everlasting love for its motherland is behind the creation of this lovely and informative website. Paddar, often called with the synonym names like “The Sapphire Land”, “Abode of Chandi Mata Machail” and “Devsthan” is a beautiful place on earth situated in the lap of lesser Himalayas. Because of its remote position and rugged topography it remained untouched for a long time both socially and politically. Now, through concerted efforts and hardwork our team aspires to share the amassing wealth of the land from all the realms possible by posting well-researched authentic articles and world-class photos with you. Along with this wonderful website, “The Paddar” Journal is also a small tribute to our motherland by the team which covers all the aspects ranging from history and culture to the educational background of the land. Despite articles and photographs we will also share poems, stories, vedios and travelogues on our website to let you know more about the land Paddar. We firmly hope that this site shall prove to be beneficial for all the Machail Yatries, trekkers, off roaders, tourists, explorers, researchers and scholars who have great affinity for this mysterious land of unique biodiversity. I hope its roaring waterfalls, booming brooks, green pastures and pin-pointed tall coniferous trees will catch your presence. Chilled water of the mighty river Chenab and garland resembling its striking tributaries are already waiting for you to offer you grand welcome. Come and enjoy the beauty of “The Land of Sapphire” Paddar.

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