Running and maintaining a website is no small feat and we all are aware of this fact. It takes an entire energetic team working for that. Paddar Machail has earned the trust of Paddar by publishing content pertaining to the socio-cultural development of Paddar.

With two years of experience in this digital world we have learnt that conveying information via digital platforms instead of doing through magazines and small books can bring miracles for Paddar. We have today 70% of people in Paddar connected to the internet.

Today there are more than 30 poems on your website composed by the poets from the length and breadth of Paddar. Researched articles from the well educated people are also available on the website. We have tried our best to touch all the historical and cultural aspects through our articles and blogs.

Sensing the huge demand in the public, we are delighted to inform you that we are treading one step further by registering this website of yours  as a digital media website now. We have got a good response from the team of Paddar Machail.

We feel glad today to inform you that all of our formalities regarding the registration of this website as a news media website has been completed. Our social media handles on twitter, facebook, youtube and instagram are ready to fire videos and quality content onto the screens of your smartphones and PCs soon. Our entire team of reporters shall begin our work in Paddar Constituency in the initial phase. Slowly and solidly we wish to expand it outside our region and district with your love and support.

In this regard we have made a small investment which was affordable to us as a team but we strongly believe that we can reach greater heights with your moral and monetary support. Here are our current bank account details:

Account No.1262010100000476