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Une relation sérieuse entre les vieux et les nouveaux pays et réseau politique : l'un pour défendre l'autre. Mais elle n'avait pas eu le Veruela temps de se demander ce qu'ils allaient y arriver. Le policier ne le regardait pas et ne l’écoutait pas.

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As we know that Paddar’s history has been shaped by many great Ranas, Wazirs and Generals. Here you will learn about all those figures who have made their name immortal by their deeds in the history of Paddar. In this write-up their role and influence has been discussed at length and I hope it will quench your thirst to some extent. This will be a tour to the History of Paddar through the prism of all those figures who has left an indelible legacy in the land of Paddar. Here is a list:

  1. Mangal Rai
  2. Sheetal Singh
  3. Bhot Planch
  4. Chattar Singh
  5. Rattnu Palsar
  6. Zorawar Singh

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Mangal Rai

               Mangal Rai was the wazir of the ruler of Kishtwar Raja Rai Dev Singh. He was the first Raja from Kishtwar who deputed his wazir for the conquest of Paddar about 600 years ago from the present. Prominent writer from Kishtwar Sh. DC Sharma Ji has written in his famous book GLIMPSES OF KISHTWAR HISTORY that Mangal Rai when invaded Paddar he only defeated the Ranas of Jar and Kadhail and brought the annexed region under his master’s rule. In other words one can say that Zar and Kadhail were the first two villages of Paddar that were added to the Kishtwar state.

In this expedition he accumulated large amount of wealth in the form of cash, cattle, sheep and goats. Rest of the Paddar enjoyed independent status which was under the rule of different petty Ranas.

Kadhail village that Mangal Rai had annexed in the past has now been abandoned. People of Kadhail now live in Karthie Paddar although they still own ancestral lands there.

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Sheetal Singh

               Place of Rana Sheetal Singh in the history of Paddar is engrained in golden letters. His character is interesting and awe-inspiring. It is said of him that he initially was the Rana of Leondi village but later he expanded his influence and annexed many other villages and proclaimed himself the Rana of Paddar.

Initially he administered his reign from his native village Leondi but later after annexing other villages he shifted his capital to a place near Dumair (where Bhot Nallah meets Chenab). He built a fort there and that place came to be called by his name that is Sheetal Garh (now Gulabgarh).

Sheetal Singh appeared in the middle of the 17th century. His way governance was good but it didn’t fine tune with the Ranas whom villages he annexed. This boiling anger and sense of defeat led other Ranas to conspire against him. But when all their tactics failed they sought the help of Chattar Singh, the ruler of Chamba to deal with him. Story of rivalry of Rana Shetal Singh with the Rana of Sohal is also well known. He made many attempts to annex Sohal Paddar but people say it took many years for him to do that as it was guarded by the furious Commander friend of the Rana of Sohal that is Bhot Planch.

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Bhot Planch

               It would not be wrong if you call Bhot Planch a “Beast”. Rivalry of the Rana of Sohal with the Rana of Leondi, Sheetal Singh made Bhot Planch appear before the scene. He was the Commander and friend of the Rana of Sohal Paddar. It is said that he was the inhabitant of Lahul ( a place in Himachal Pardesh). His friendship with the Rana of Sohal brought him to Paddar. He was given the village of Kabban to rule by the Rana of Sohal village.

He maintained a long tuft of hair like Chanakya. His life style was weird. He slept less and ate no salt. His look itself would have instilled fear in the people. It is said of him that his uncanny habit of taking no salt with food aided him conquer his sleep. One could have found him awoken all night guarding the fort.

Sheetal Singh found it difficult to annex Sohal in his presence. So he planned of eliminating him by targeting his soft spot (his wife). She was the Achilles’ heel of Bhot Planch. She was beautiful but selfish. Sheetal Singh manipulated her and succeeded in killing Bhot Planch with her help.

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Chattar Singh

After killing Bhot Planch, Rana of Sohal got furious. When he heard this news he dashed off to catch Sheetal Singh. But before he could get hold over him Sheetal Singh reached his home territory Leondi. Taking stock of the situation he retreated and along with other anguished Ranas who had faced the wrath of Sheetal Singh sought the help of Chattar Singh. Chattar Singh was the powerful ruler of Chamba at that time who had good relations with the Rana of Sohal it has been told.

Chattar Singh sent his forces (approximately 250) and with the aid of other Ranas attacked the land of Sheetal Singh. Fierce battle took place at Sheetal Garh. At this battle Sheetal Singh’s forces wrestled to the end but failed to protect the land. Sheetal Singh fought bravely and later succumbed to his injuries.

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Chattar Singh’s forces brought the mansion of Sheetal Singh down at his native place Leondi and Sheetal Garh and constructed a new fort there. Name of Sheetal Garh was changed to Chatter Garh. Rest of the Ranas were restored to their villages and worked as revenue officials of the Ruler of Chamba Chatter Singh.

You can also say that with the attack of Chattar Singh, Paddar was annexed to Himachal Pradesh in the 17th century. Paddar remained the part of Chamba for 2-3 centuries.

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Rattnu Palsar

Rattan Singh was the Wazir of the last ruler of Kishtwar Raja Mohd. Teg Singh. In the second decade of the 19th century when Dogra rule was expanding like never before Raja of Kishtwar Mohd. Teg Singh lay down his arms before the Dogra Maharaja Gulab Singh. Rattan Singh when heard this he fled away and sought refuge under the then Raja of Chamba Charat Singh.

The Raja of Chamba gave him shelter and appointed him the Chief Official (Palsar) of Paddar territory. Rattan Singh accepted this responsibility zealously. His deeds made him famous in Paddar and Chamba. In about 1825 A.D. he annexed Padam and added it to the territory of Chamba. This achievement of him made him famous and earned him the name of Rattnu Palsar in Paddar.

In the subsequent years some 30 soldiers of Maharaja Gulab Singh were stationed at Chattergarh by the two of his Generals from Kishtwar to keep up communication with the Zanskar. Rattan Singh was worried about this positioning of soldiers at Paddar. He feared that Dogras might crush him any time and add Paddar to the Dogra state. He never wanted this to happen and later when Zanskar raised the banner against Dogra rule Rattan Singh exploited this situation and arrested the Dogra soldiers and sent them to Chamba as prisoners. This invited the wrath of Dogra General Zorawar Singh to Paddar.

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Zorawar Singh Kalhuria

Zorawar Singh Kalhuria born in 1784 in the Bilaspur state of Himachal Pradesh was the tall General of Maharaja Gulab Singh. When the news of Rattan Singh that he had captured Dogra soldiers from Chattergarh reached his ears he marched towards Paddar with his band of 300 soldiers in the spring of 1836.

He attacked the forces of Rattan Singh and cut the ears and noses of all his soldiers to instil the fear among locals. Many of those who revolted and raised voice against him were hanged. Forces of Charat Singh under Rattan Singh’s command suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Dogra general and Paddar was added to the Dogra state in 1836 A.D.

Fort built by Chattar Singh at Chatter Garh was brought down by him and its name was changed to Gulabgarh once and for all during this period. Rattan Singh was taken as prisoner to Jammu by him though he was set free by Maharaja Gulab Singh later.

Along with that Zorawar Singh also built a fort at Chishoti Paddar in 1838 A.D when he was on his way back to Kishtwar from Zanskar.

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  1. Hi sir as Per Glimpses of Kishtwar … There is two time invasion in sazar arround 1834 AD. .. I have read this whole book 2 year before .. .. but you have didn’t mention.. here … And one more point at that time .. I think there is no population in .. Kadhail… At that time they are still in dhyaan above Shashoo..

  2. Hlo sir .. According to Glimpses of Kishtwar There are Two Time invasion in Paddar… One they attack checha And sazzar Only and Next time they attack up to Jar .. That mean two time attack on Sazar..Around ( 1834AD) but you have not mention..
    And Other Point There is no population in Kadhail at that time .. ..they are still living in dhyan above Shashoo…

  3. Thank you all. I agree with you Pardeep. Here I have put this information in the context of Generals, Wazirs and Ranas who has had impact on Paddar.


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